No clear line in the 15 Topteams - Geert

Too much not only for Westvlaamse teams who are not used to that, or for teams that had been competing in the morning programme, giving it their all before. But also for everybody who wanted to be home before dark. Dividing into two divisions was possible but not enough for this end-of-season-meeting. So the judges decided to pull in one class, cutting it after 10 pulls. I suppose that was to the liking of everybody on this level.
Too bad the standings were not accurate on the screens that we hired, because the fight to enter the semi-finals was very close.

Church House could not confirm the good results of the morning, but it is only their first season, so : RESPECT. Jagersust may be the only team winning the Flander’s Cup more than once (three times to be exact), but they also, could not win any end. It’s clear they didn’t meet eachother on the field.’t Parochiebladje made 3p and Versieck got one more by pulling 1-1 against KLoJo’s. They did have a good excuse that they had nbeen very busy before (starting at 6.45PM in the morrning) and pulling both classes as well (which they are not used to). Berketrekkers reached 6p by getting both Jagersrust and Church House to the knees. The combination-team JBJ (Jagersrust-Berketrekkers-Janssens) had exactly 550kgs on the scale and made a 10th place with 12p. De KloJo’s must have been satisfied with 16p. De Stove will surely be glad to finally meet with some real worthy opponents, it had been a few months. Too bad the derby of the county was not pulled this competition. It would have been real close!

Hagmolltrekkers made it to the 7th place and 19p with half a youth-team. Very nice, only 3 points short of a 4th place that would have been the ticket to the semi-final. 2p more for TTV Vandakker and Holland Tow who shared 5th place. They were 1 (ONE) point short of taking the place in the semi-final from TTV Gelderswoude who had collected 6 cautions along the way. Holland had 2 at that time and Vandakker had none.

Touwtje (23p) had 1 point more than Gelderswoude. Holland2 (27p) and FJ Retie(30p) were a bit higher on the ladder. FJ Retie had won the duel before.

No surprises in the semis. Holland2 got rid of Touwtje and FJ Retie also pulled a 2-0 against the other Dutch team. To gain time (second time we started way too late in 9 years) we didn’t pull for the Bronze as Twif-rules would prescribe. However Holland2 and FJ Retie did not cooperate. They mad a heroic battle of the final. They both had taken the Flander’s Cup home before, and both were eager to do so again. The Belgian’s had won in the qualifying round, but Holland2 won the first end after 1.40 minutes. The second was even more memorable : after 2.26 min, Holland was given a 3rd caution. The many fans could not appreciate the officials, and the pullers got even more eager. The Cup was almost kept in the own country, but after 1.39 min the 3rd end was decided by Holland2. A very close pull. Too bad there is only one big winner in the end. FJ Retie would have been a nice champion, but so is our team of friends from England.

For statistics : we put nationalities in a row from 1-15 (B is Belgium, E is England and N is Netherlands)
Or : to prove our strange teamcomposition does work : from 1-15, W is weightclass, 6 is 6men, 7 is combi-team.
W W 7 6 W 6 7 6 6 W W 6 W W 6
In the end, I hope we all had a great day! We hope to welcome you aal again for our 10the tournament.