Morning Programme : 4x4 - Geert

We could welcome 3 English teams in the 600 : York Tow, Melbourne RBL (the light and young team) en the usual visitors of Holland Tow. From the Netherlands, we had None less than Jagersrust, Touwtje and Oele. Oele only came for this single class, so they would not fight for an anonymous place in the archives.TTV Versieck had the task of defending the Belgian colours. It seems strange (without looking at one team in particular) that some Belgians would travel around Europe (even in some cases for hopeless pulls) and not showing up for this International meeting. Mind you, there are not a lot of Women’s teams in our country.
Versieck, a well-known heavyweights team (with some of them still working at the audio,…) did NOT defend a lot of honour and remained without wins.Holland did not do as good as expected in this class : though they had brought a big team to Belgium, also with several very good light pullers, they sticked to 3 points. The light and young team of Melbourne gained 6p and York reached 9p. The Dutch teams came out of the qualifying rounds as the best. Jagersrust 12p, Touwtje 15p and Oele 18p. Oele had no real problems with York, but in the other semi-final Jagersrust won from Touwtje now. Even the South-African guest-puller Debbie of Touwtje could not help her team into the final. Jagersrust had no more tricks up the sleeve and Oele won this class without losing a single end. All of the podium was Dutch, Oele stood in the center.

Even winning the 600class could not persuade Oele to stay foir the rest of the Programme and Jagersrust as well did not enter the 660 as a team. Although they let several other teams borrow a puller. Church House, on the other hand, entered this class and must have been the freshest team of them all. Melbourne was 73kgs short and got no points, Versieck got 3p, Church House pulled great and went through to the semi finals but was stopped by an untouchable Touwtje. The other semi final was between Holland 9p and York 12p. York won, as in the qualifying round. In the battle for the Bronze Church House won the first end, but was still put next to the podium by Holland that had won end 2 and 3 (Experience and remaining self-confident were the key words here). Nevertheless a great result for Church House that has only been pulling for half a year!
York tried their best in the final, but they weighed 21kgs less than Touwtje. York had handed in their team list on forehand and therefore could not swap for a heavier person. Good intentions, and not knowing the consequences were punished without any mercy at that point. I suppose next time they will hand in their teamlist in the very last minutes! Gisela is a great puller, but they might have found a great puller with an extra 20kgs as well. York reached a very nice silver-medal with the team that was the lightest apart from one. Touwtje (the word means “little rope”) did not make any mistakes and could take the biggest cup of them home.